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Updated for 2009!
Boston's Gun Bible


5 1/2" x 8 1/2", softcover, 848 pages
published January 2009

ISBN 1-888-766-06-9

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In case you've been wondering, Boston has been writing very hard and recently completed the expanded revision of his acclaimed Boston's Gun Bible. It contains 10 new chapters and over 200 pages of new material. It is now a whopping 848 pages! Here are a few of the new chapters:

  • Rating the Battle Rifles
  • M1/M14 (M1A)
  • FAL
  • HK91
  • Rating the Battle Carbines
  • The AK74
  • Combat Rifle Optics
  • How To Become A Rifleman
  • Reloading, Zeroing, Shooting, Cleaning, & Caching

The revised Boston's Gun Bible is significantly more oriented towards the evaluation (with 63 criteria) and use of 7.62 battle rifles for maintaining American Liberty. Greatly expanded is the coverage of Tactics & Training in Chapter 4, which is now 58 pages. There's much more emphasis on actual range and field shooting with rifles and handguns. You'll find updated gun law info and d ozens of new products and books from SHOT 2002. The handgun chapter has much new good material. And, published for the very first time, are several pages from Boston's upcoming novel, Molon Labe! (which is due in February, 2004).The width and depth of material is unprecedented. Every page is packed with highly useful information not found elsewhere. Boston says that it is a much better book than his original.

The 2002 Revised Boston's Gun Bible is still priced at the original $28.00 retail! With a rousing Foreword by Timothy Mullin (Foreword author of Unintended Consequences) and high praise from those renowned in the gun world (e.g., Clint Smith, Robert Hunnicutt of The Shotgun News, competitive shooter Brian Enos, libertarian author L. Neil Smith, Vin Suprynowicz, Larry Pratt,
Leroy Thompson, and many others), the revised Boston's Gun Bible is poised to become the bestselling gun book in recent history.

Additional revisions for 2009 includes include Boston's several page analysis of the Heller decision.

Boston's Gun Bible is now sold by Brownells, Gunsite Training Academy,Thunder Ranch, Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, not to mention gun stores and shows across the country.

NOTE: The cover of 2002 the revised Boston' Gun Bible has a yellow stripe on the front top right corner, to distinguish it from the 2000 edition. Javelin Press has only the revised edition, although a couple of our smaller distributors may still have the older book (ask them before you order).




Foreword by Timothy J. Mullin


       1 Terminology
       2 Safety & Handling
       3 Self-Defense & The Law
       4 Tactics & Training
       5 After The Smoke Clears...

       6 Combat Rifle History
       7 Modern Combat Self-Loading Rifles
       8 Combat Rifle Cartridges
       9 Rating the Combat Rifles
     10 Battle Rifles (i.e., at least .308)
     11 Battle Carbines (i.e., .223, 7.62x39, etc.)
     12 The AR15
     13 Dealing with the Post-Ban Blues
     14 The .264 Boston & Its Rifle

     15 Handguns
     16 Shotguns
     17 Bolt-Action Rifle Cartridges
     18 Bolt-Action Rifles
     19 .50BMG Target Rifles
     20 Other Rifles
     21 pre-1899 Guns
     22 Women & Guns
     23 Gear
     24 Caching
     25 Odds & Ends



     26 A Quick Shopping Guide
     27 How To Buy, Sell, & Trade
     28 You & The BATF
     29 "Curios or Relics"

     30 Federal "Gun Controls"
     31 Politically Corrected Glossary (by Alan Korwin)
     32 Letter to a Columbine Student
     33 The Real Goal of "Gun Control"
     34 Gun Laws in the 50 States & D.C.
     35 Creeping Citizen Disarmament
     36 Coercive Buy-up Programs
     37 Why I Will Not Obey California's
         Gun Registration Edict (by Brian Puckett)
     38 Confiscation
     39 When The Raids Come

     40 Wealth vs. Liberty
     41 Preparing for the Worst
     42 Patriot Light!
     43 Outrage, Then Courage
     44 Boston Is Nuts!
     45 Sources

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Book arrived today - it is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much.


The new book is a fantastic piece of work! The chapter to the Columbine student is worth the price of admission alone. I'm going to order three more in the next week or so as gifts for friends. -- JHI just got your book today. You've really outdone yourself this time. You've covered all the pertinent issues, and then some.


I will save you a bit of reading, in case you are in a hurry, and just tell you now to buy this book. If you want to know more before spending $28.00 on improving your shooting, collecting and other gun skills, read on.

This book was written by Boston T. Party, the well known (to Libertarians) author of such titles as You and the Police, Surviving Y2K And Other Disasters, Hologram Of Liberty and a handful of other noteworthy titles. If you want yet another glossy photo gun book, extolling all of the imaginary virtues of every firearm ever made, this is NOT the book for you. If you are after a no holds barred consumer guide to firearms, accessories, and shooting, GET IT.

Boston's Gun Bible goes into great detail about the pros and cons of various defensive weaponry, equipment, and the philosohy behind their appropriate usage. The work is markedly political, obviously pro gun, and has a rather witty "screw the hoplophobes" tone that I really enjoyed. The writing is crisp and to the point. Eloquent without being boring. This is a hallmark of Boston's work, and you will not be diappointed in Boston's Gun Bible. At about (700) pages, it can't be considered light reading, but the subject matter is important and needs a lot of covering to get it all through to the reader in its entirety.

Included in the book is information on:

  • Selecting rifles, pistols, revolvers
  • Gun shows
  • ATF Sting operations
  • Gun nomenclature
  • Sighting in
  • Optics and other sights
  • Women and guns
  • Politics and guns
  • How to cache weapons and ammo
  • (And everything else you want to know, or so it seems)

I thought that the project would be rather daunting when he undertook it, but the results are well worth the money. What he ended up with is a layman's guide/how to book for buying, selling, choosing, caring for, KEEPING, shooting and enjoying firearms of all types, but especially those that are "Liberty's Teeth". Especially valuable is the section detailing the merits and faults of various modern semi auto rifle systems. What you will NOT find in this book is ANY hint of advertising $$$ influence, chicanery, or editorial falderal. Boston knows his subject, and covers it exhaustively.

The book is available through Javelin Press at Did I mention that you should buy it?

Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung
Knifemaker and Gunsmith


I rarely receive any negative mail, much less "hate" mail, but one reader strongly reacted to pages 6/1-3 of BGB (which has been a universal favorite of my lady readers). Her anonymous letter still astonishes me. Considering how many times I have championed in print the libertarian creed of "no initiation of force" - I have utterly no clue how she could rationally extrapolate the following accusation:

I have read a number of your books, and I think you provide valuable information to freedom-lovers, for the most part.

However, I must comment on your sexist, misogynist bullsh*t in the Women and Guns section of Boston's Gun Bible. I am a pro-gun female. I believe in the use of deadly force to protect my life and liberties from common criminals and criminal government. Unfortunately, the latter category would include you if you ever got into a position of power. Yes, I might have to shoot you to preserve my liberty.

I hope and pray you and your ilk never get power. Because you would be like the Taliban. Women would not be allowed to go to school, have jobs, drive cars, vote, own property, etc. You may claim to be a libertarian, but I suspect you're really not....

Can we, the pro-gun side, really afford to alienate half the population by reinforcing the stereotype that pro-gun men are sexist Neanderthals who want guns to oppress women?

(BTP Note: Amazing! Throughout that 17-page chapter, I exhort and instruct women to be armed daily!)

I think not. With that one section in your Gun Bible you have negated the good arguments in the rest of your book.

postmarked from Cincinnati, Ohio

Well! The secret is out! The "T" in my pseudonym stands for "Taliban." You all may be wondering about my response to her, but I did not reply. It has been my long-standing policy, well justified over time, not to reply to anonymous letters sent without a return address. Especially ones as shrill, fatuous and confused as this.

P.O. Box 18894
Spokane, WA 99228

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